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About the Linzee Family Association


Re-constituted in 1994, the Linzee Family Association of America, Inc. has four main purposes:


To collect, research, enlarge and publish genealogical data and information on the Linzee Family.

To promote the interest, knowledge, and interaction of the Linzee Family.

To cultivate and encourage social intercourse and education among the members of the extended Linzee Family.

To support charitable, educational, social and genealogical enterprises.


The scope of the Linzee Family Association includes the histories and genealogies of the Limesi, Lindsay, Lindsey, etc. families.

Linzee Family Association Officers



Robert Tilden Whittaker, President
Susan Whittaker Brancati, Secretary
Gail Linzee Reitter, Treasurer
John Linzee Whittaker, Historian


Linzee Coat of Arms


Taken from the book, Coats of Arms of the Linzee Family. John Inman Linzee, second son of Captain John Linzee gave a steel plate to his son John William Linzee and said it was the complete arms of his family in England. It agrees exactly with the arms mentioned under Hannah Rowe Linzee Amory. However, it has not been certified by The College of Arms.